The consequences of our obstacles

The world is currently too small for nations to use small quarrels that are always concerned about the consequences for their country’s population. Even they have had a drastic effect on the whole world. The United States is not alone in annoying global conditions. However, we have had hands in creating large disturbances and are called changes in regimes in countries around the world. Since the Korean conflict, we have traveled through foreign policy after foreign policy. There has never been an action since US citizens utilized.

In too many circumstances when certain countries emphasize the level of negative authoritarianism responses to the control of others, the United States in turn always responds with threats, sanctions, and warnings that have never brought harmonious results. Today, it’s no different from the potential for more instability to increase. The recent evacuation in Afghanistan, saber coverage crackling by N. Korea, current Russian Ukrainian instability and other hot spots around the world are more intensive.

To help relieve global instability that develops, organizations that have been set to foster certain convenities, trade, and trade have long been inconsistent in doing what initially they did. NATO is one of the organizations established to unite Europe and the United States in a combined effort to ward off hostile action from any country against others. In excluding countries such as Russia due to various regulations that existing NATO countries set only ly to encourage the form of isolation and not included. Apart from their political ideology, the world today is too small to encourage adverse reactions so as not to be excluded from organizations that must foster a more harmonious world.
When NATO formed countries such as Russia and China were issued because their political system was not in accordance with Western democracy. As a result, creating a riff that has brought the whole world into a towering turmoil that has just been annoyed by the reluctance of the United States to compromise. The United States must now realize that to bring balance to the world we must accept the fact that every country has the right to participate in negotiations that have a direct impact on their society.

NAFTA is another organization that continues to oppose the boundaries of good faith between the country. When NAFTA is formed it only encourages more instability in the world today. Free trade has kept the train scrolling sauce right for large companies and politicians. The imbalance that so many countries especially in the United States have a direct result of our trade policies and agreements.

To help alleviate global instability that has emerged the United States must realize that free trade does not work. That is the first step. Once our government realizes that this action is to establish a balance of trade agreements between all countries. When there is a balance of trade between countries that are more stable in the community will begin. When more countries have a community balance fostering deficiencies due to enemies throughout the world.

Failure of our government and past administration only adds to the insecurity of the world. They never created a climate for quality rejuvenation for all Americans. As a result today more than 70% of Americans live in or below the poverty line. When there is a deep imbalance in society, the results continue to be more instability which is the driving force in a big division in our country today. It is very important for the United States to deliver policies that create integration instead of division in every direction of policies coming out of Washington.