The Dacia Jogger earns a single Euro NCAP star

The Dacia Jogger earns a single Euro NCAP star


The Euro NCAP safety organization has just published new results. If the new DS 4 is illustrated, this is not the case of the Dacia Jogger which only gets one star. From there to consider it as dangerous, there is only one step!

For this second round of safety bulletins, the Euro NCAP body was interested in three cars: the DS 4, Honda HR-V and Dacia Jogger. After the crash-test session, the first two earn the mark of 4 stars and even 5 stars for the French on condition of opting for a optional pack of safety equipment.

DS and Honda congratulated

In terms of occupant protection, the DS 4 gets from good results : 85% for adults and 86% for the kids while the Honda gets 82% and 72%. The Japanese does less well in terms of child protection but stands out with complete safety assistance equipment which allows it to obtain the score of 78%.

Dunce cap for Dacia

As far as Dacia is concerned, it should first be noted thatEuro NCAP did not carry out a crash test for the jogger. To assign its score, the security organization contented itself with weight according to its new 2022 criteria, the two-star rating obtained in the spring of 2021 by the Dacia Sandero who shares his platform. Depending on this and certain specificities such as the seat belt reminder absent for the 6and and 7and seats, the Dacia Jogger thus only obtainsa single star. And this even if the Jogger also exists in a 5-seater version.

Results to put into perspective

Regarding the protection of adults and children, the Dacia Jogger cannot however be considered dangerous for its occupants: it obtains scores of 70 and 69%. It’s more about protection of vulnerable users (41%) and security equipment (39%) that he sins. Not really surprising given the race for safety equipment that Dacia is not pursuing. What satisfies a large part of its customers Appreciating the reasonable rates offered.

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