The Dragonflight expansion is coming to World of Warcraft!

The Dragonflight expansion is coming to World of Warcraft!


Will you still take a little hot news? On the Daily menu: Netflix, which wants to integrate advertising into its platform, a new extension for World of Warcraft, and finally, a new Star Wars game announced.

Advertising on Netflix

Unfortunately, this information will not please everyone. The SVOD service giant Netflix wants to integrate advertising on its platform. Indeed, even if the service is still on the rise, the loss of a certain number of subscribers during 2021 and 2022 generates a considerable drop in income for the company. To fill this, Netflix then plans to offer advertisers to highlight their products in advertisements directly integrated into the service.

World of Warcraft welcomes a new expansion

You are surely waiting for it if you are a fan of the cult MMORPG! World of Warcraft welcomes its 9th extension, soberly titled: Dragonflight. Obviously centered on dragons, the update will take you to the Dragon Islands, the original region of World of Warcraft. On the content side, players will be able to embody a whole new race, the Dracthyrs, capable of being extremely versatile. In addition to inflicting ranged damage, the Dracthyrs will allow you to heal your allies. Unfortunately, Blizzard omitted a very important piece of information: the release date…

Will you take a bit of Star Wars again?

Fans of the cult saga are spoiled, and they will be even more so! After the recent release of LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, and the preparation of Star Wars Eclipse by Quantic Dreams, a new challenger comes into play. It is on the official site of the saga that Skydance New Media announced the launch of a project stamped Star Wars. And if this name means nothing to you, you have to turn to the director of the studio who is none other than Amy Henning, to whom we owe the Legacy of Kain series or the first three Uncharted.

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