The growing online second-hand market

The growing online second-hand market


The second-hand market has grown steadily in recent months in France and Europe. With him, new giants like Cazoo and Heycar. Overview of these new platforms.

If you are actively looking for a used vehicle, the names of Cazoo, Heycar or even Autohero surely tell you something. These companies continue to grow in importance in the used vehicle market. It must be said that with the shortage of semiconductors and the price of new vehicles, the second-hand market never had as much the rating. In 2019, this market was estimated at 700 billion euros. With the primary objective of developing online sales. The number of sites is multiplying with an ever-increasing offer. If online sales are still not widespread among some consumers, the various brands are doing everything to reassure the customer. Overview.

Autohero: leader in Europe

The platform Autohero belongs to the German group Auto1 (which also owns the brand). The company founded in 2012 has grown steadily in recent years. So much so thatAuto1 wants to become the largest used car dealership in Europe. The group relies in particular on the Autohero platform, very well known in France. The site offers a wide choice of used vehicles can be delivered to your home. The entire purchasing process is done online via the platform. In order to attract customers, the platform has its own calculation algorithm quotations in order to offer the best prices. The group also relies on a very strong customer relationship in order to reassure the buyer during the purchasing process. A profitable strategy since Auto1 has already succeeded in selling more than 2.5 million vehicles and generated more than one billion euros in turnover in 2021.

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Cazoo, the British competitor

It is one of the direct competitors of the Autohero platform. Cazoo is a British platform that arrived in France in December 2021. The British company has grown significantly in recent years in Europe by acquiring several second-hand sales sites in order to expand its network. Cazoo works on the same principle as Autohero. The company also offers the free delivery and a 24 month warranty with a certified maintenance before the sale. The offer of Cazoo is for the moment less important than that of Autohero. But that does not prevent the English company from recording very good figures. In 2021, the platform sold nearly 50,000 vehicles for a turnover of 600 million euros.

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Heycar relies on quality

It is also a newcomer to the second-hand online market in France. Heycar arrived on the French market last December. The site also offers online sales of used vehicles. Unlike other platforms, Heycar does not sell vehicles directly. This is a connection with brands or car dealerships. In particular, this allows Heycar to offer vehicles in very good condition. All vehicles offered have less than 150,000 kilometers or less than 8 years. Several manufacturers have joined this platform, including the Volkswagen group and Renault. Heycar wishes to highlight this proximity with the manufacturers to reassure the customer. This is indicated by the CEO France of the brand, Mathias Hioco : “By working directly with manufacturers and their dealer networks, we are a trusted partner for customers. We can offer attractive vehicle offers and additional services including financing and leasing in the near future”. Financing and insurance offers will be offered by the end of the year to enable a complete shopping experience. Heycar hopes to offer 100,000 vehicles for sale for this year 2022.

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The online second-hand market is becoming increasingly competitive. With an automotive market more than ever disrupted by production crises, the used car is more than ever in demand. With digital sales increasing year after year.

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