The top 6 small smartphones in 2022!

guide smartphone petite taille en 2022


You want a smartphone that is compact but still offers a good mobile experience. We have selected for you the best small smartphones for this year 2022 among which are the iPhone SE 5G 2022, the iPhone 13 mini, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, the Google Pixel 4a 5G, the Asus Zenfone 8 and the Xiaomi 12. But which one is really for you? Here are some compared and cross-referenced response elements to help you make your choice.

small size smartphone guide in 2022

Among our selection of the day, it is theiPhone 13 mini which offers the least weight with only 131 grams on the scale closely followed by iPhone SE 5G 2022 which is 144 grams then the Google Pixel 4a 5G with 168 grams then theAsus Zenfone 8 with 169 grams then the Xiaomi 12 with 180 grams and to finish with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 which is 185 grams. The latter has the particularity of being folding offering an extremely small format when closed but offering beautiful dimensions when open, as much as a classic smartphone, such as the Galaxy A72, for example. Open, it is very thin since it is only 7.2 mm in its thickest part against 7.3 mm for the iPhone SE 5G 2022 and 7.65 mm for the iPhone 13 mini. The Google Pixel 4a 5G is 8.2mm compared to 8.16mm for the Xiaomi 12 and 8.9mm for the Asus Zenfone 8.

xiaomi 12

What is the best screen?

As mentioned a little above, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is a folding model with a small screen on the outside, mainly used to view notifications and control music playback, where applicable and a large screen on the inside measuring 6.7 inches diagonal which makes it the largest in our comparison of the day. It’s about a AMOLED panel enjoying a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Then the most outstanding screen is installed on the Xiaomi 12 with 6.28 inches diagonally on an HDR10+ and Dolby Vision compatible AMOLED panel to enjoy series and films as well as a frequency of 120 Hz in adaptive mode, i.e. which can vary according to the application used and therefore limit battery consumption. The screen of the Zenfone 8 does not deserve with a AMOLED surface on 5.9 inches, also compatible HDR10+ and at 120 Hz. The Google Pixel 4a 5G also benefits from a AMOLED panel on 6.24 inches this time but at 60 Hz. This is also the case with the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone SE 5G 2022 but the first of 5.4 inches has a much more qualitative AMOLED panel than the LCD screen installed on the second 4.7 inch only.

Which is the most efficient?

Question power and therefore performance, these are the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone SE 5G 2022 who dominate the debates with their Apple A15 Bionic chip with 4 GB of RAM. Then there is the Xiaomi 12 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor then the Asus Zenfone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset with 8 GB of RAM knowing that the Asus is also available with 16 GB of RAM. The Pixel 4a 5G is the least powerful with its Snapdragon 765G processor mid-range while the others all offer high-end chips. For autonomy, on paper, it is the Xiaomi 12 which seems the most enduring with its 4500 mAh battery versus 4000 mAh for the Zenfone 8, 3800 mAh for the Pixel 4a 5G and 3300 mAh for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 while the iPhones are satisfied with 2018 mAh for the iPhone SE 5G 2022 and 2406 mAh for the iPhone 13 mini. It is the Xiaomi mobile that charges the fastest supporting the charge at 67 watts against 30 watts for the Zenfone 8, 25 watts for the Samsung, 18 watts for the Google and we do not know for the iPhone.

What photo configurations?

Regarding photo capabilities, the Xiaomi 12 offers a configuration 50+13+5 megapixels while the Zenfone 8 has 64+12 megapixels at the back followed by the Google Pixel 4a 5G carrying 16+12 megapixels while the iPhone 13 mini and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 have two 12 megapixel modules. The iPhone SE 2022 only has a single 12-megapixel sensor on the back. For selfies, the Xiaomi 12 is the best equipped with a 32 megapixel lens followed by the iPhone 13 mini and Asus Zenfone 8 which benefit from a 12 megapixel module on the front against a 10 megapixel on the Samsung, an 8 megapixel on the Pixel 4a 5G and a 7 megapixel for the iPhone SE 5G 2022. In terms of connectivity, all are 5G compatible. They all offer Wi-Fi 6 except the Google Pixel 4a 5G, while the Xiaomi 12 and Zenfone 8 offer Wi-Fi 6E, which is a little more efficient in terms of speed and range. They are all NFC compatible and only the Zenfone 8 offers an audio jack port. Apple and Samsung mobiles are certified waterproof, which is not the case for others. A fingerprint reader is installed under the screen of the Zenfone 8 and Xiaomi 12 while it is on the profile of the Samsung and in the back of the Pixel 4a 5G, the iPhones being devoid of it.

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