These 90s cars to invest in now!

These 90s cars to invest in now!


Most cars from the 90s have just achieved collector status. Some have seen their ratings soar, others less so. Now is the time to get a good deal before it’s too late.

Until recently, some cars marketed between 1990 and 1999 did not interest anyone. But that was before. If legendary machines like the PPorsche 911 (993) Turbo have been desirable for a long time, the craze for cars from the 90s on the collectible market is now very real. Nevertheless, several cars have seen their ratings stagnate or drop for a year or two.

This is the case of the Ferrari 456 GT which has seen its rating drop dramatically in four years. Since 2018, this sublime 2+2 coupe launched in 1992 has lost 10% of its value. But let’s bet that its rating, currently on a plateau at €66,000, should start again, like many unloved Ferraris in the past.

Revenge of the Unloved

I’Aston Martin DB7 also plays in the register of coupes so endearing but which deserved better press in their time. The beauty of Gaydon, whose curves hide antique Jaguar XJS underwear, takes her revenge today. Shunned for a long time, the 6-cylinder version marketed from 1994 is exchanged for 18,000€ on average. A pittance to play secret agents! For the noble version Vantage V12on the other hand, it will cost some €47,000.

Don’t run out of air

Long overshadowed by the Porsche 911 Type 993, which was the last air-cooled 911, the 911 Type 964 begins to attract attention. After all, it is the first “new” 911, combining looks from the past with new technologies for its time. Full of qualities, the 964 Carrera RS has seen its price drop in recent years and its rating is only beginning to rise again. This real road Supercup is exchanged for an average of €175,000. The 964 Turboposted at around €118,000, follows the same trend.

Or the Honda NSX?

Unless you want to succumb to the charms of the Japanese Ferrari, the Honda NSX in person ! For several years, the Japanese, whose V6 VTEC enchants music lovers, has seen its rating play yo-yo. Currently, the NSX is in a low period, trading for around €63,000. Given the aura of this machine on which Ayrton Senna has leaned, it would be crazy to snub it.

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