These three mistakes to avoid when washing the interior of your car

These three mistakes to avoid when washing the interior of your car


If washing the interior of your car is not always a piece of cake, avoid making these mistakes so as not to waste even more time!

Wash your car, this is most of the time a real chore. This is especially the case for the interior, which also requires very special attention, and which always takes a lot of time. Indeed, unlike the exterior, the driver’s compartment is generally full of hard-to-reach corners and materials that are not always easy to clean. We invite you to discover three mistakes you should not make to avoid wasting time and damaging your interior during cleaning. Follow our advice!

Using the wrong products

This may seem obvious, but it’s still worth remembering. Before getting down to cleaning your home, make sure you have the right products. Indeed, if you use random or poor quality cleaners, you risk having very bad surprises. At best it won’t work, at worst you’ll damage your seats and your car even more. dashboard. It would be a shame !

Use the same cloth for the exterior

When you wash a car, you always do it in stages. First theinterior, then the exterior, for example. But in no case do we go from one to the other, and especially not with the same products and cloths. Indeed, the bodywork is generally dirtier than the driving position, and it is therefore better to avoid mixing sponges and other microfibers to avoid problems!

Neglect the vacuum cleaner

If we often think of cleaning up the flying and the dashboard, many forget the vacuum cleaner or postpone the moment to pass it. However, it is also very important, and it is better not to neglect it! Indeed, a lot of dirt gets lodged under your seats and in the carpet, sometimes risking mold or attracting insects if it is food. So take some time to vacuum your car, at least twice a year.

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