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Of all the high-tech devices available in 2022, the PS5 is the one with the rarest stock. Since its release at the end of 2020, millions of video game enthusiasts have been frustrated at the idea of ​​not having Sony’s next-gen console under their TV. The firm has great production difficulties, in particular due to a world shortage of semiconductors.

So a few million units were produced, that’s all. Luckily, from this Thursday morning April 14 at 10:00 a.m., you are going to have a unique chance to take advantage of a small stock of PS5. The latter is limited to 600 pieces only, so you will have to prepare a few moments before to be sure to secure the famous grail.

I buy the PS5

As part of this flash sale on the PlayStation console, you have a double chance. Indeed, in addition to the possibility of being able to get your hands on this stock of PS5, you will also be able to obtain a game console at an advantageous price. We will explain it to you below, but you should know for example that the PS5 Digital Edition will only cost you, for example, 241 euros instead of 399 euros with a second controller as a gift.

As you will be able to see, this stock of PS5 is put forward at the internet service provider SFR. It must be recognized that this is not the reseller that we would think of by default. That said, Amazon, Cdiscount and other Rue du Commerce have had no stock for a very long time. If you want to spend the summer with your new PlayStation, SFR will be a safe choice.

How to buy the PS5 at this lower price?

SFR has come up with a clever formula that allows you to take advantage of this small stock of PS5s at a cheaper price. The counterpart is that you have to subscribe to the internet box which is associated in this Box + PS5 formula. That said, if you’re not particularly attached to your current ISP, this is a very good opportunity for you to change.

You should still know that the internet box which is highlighted in this frame is a little more expensive than the norm. But in the end, if you want to take advantage of this PS5 stock to have fun playing video games, it’s still very reasonable. In detail, this formula includes fiber with very high speed (1 Gb/s download and 500 Mb/s upload), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles and 200 TV channels.

It is a triple-play formula that will allow you to have the best user experience on your PS5. Indeed, to enjoy the PlayStation 5 to the fullest, you need to have excellent speed. And this is precisely what this formula offers with the internet box. In terms of price, the first year allows you to have the box at 34 euros per month, before going to 53 euros per month beyond. It requires a 24 month commitment.

In return for subscribing to this box, you can claim the small stock of PS5 which is made available by the supplier. In this case, it even allows you to take advantage of an advantageous rate. For example, the PS5 Digital Edition will cost you a whopping 49 euros + 8 euros per month for 24 months. It therefore amounts to 241 euros in total, while its official price is 399 euros.

I buy the PS5

Obviously, the “official” price is useless when you know that the PS5 is not in stock. In addition, it is found on resale sites (such as Le Bon Coin or eBay) at prices close to 1,000 euros. You therefore have a real advantage to take advantage of it on the SFR site. Even with the cost of its internet box, it will be cheaper for you than buying it on a second-hand site.

Why buy the PS5?

On the official SFR website, there are two Sony game consoles that are highlighted: the classic PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition. On performance, the two consoles are strictly the same (unlike the Xbox Series X and Series S). The only difference is only in the Blu-Ray player which is not available on the digital version.

What does this imply ? On the Sony PS5 Digital Edition console, all games will need to be purchased through the PlayStation Store. It’s convenient because you can find all your games online, but you have the disadvantage of not having a physical disk. The latter, if you opt for the standard PS5, you can then resell them. The second-hand market is still popular at PlayStation, it can be practical.

If now you do not intend to resell your games, you might as well take advantage of the PS5 Digital Edition. It is 100 euros cheaper than the standard version, but above all it is slightly easier to find. Be careful, it is still out of stock everywhere. But the number of units available is greater, especially at SFR.

However, we absolutely cannot compare the PS5 Digital Edition with the Xbox Series S. The latter is available almost everywhere, but it has performances that are far below expectations. It is for this reason that it sells very badly. Admittedly, this is the latest generation of consoles from Microsoft, but its interest is very limited. Only the Xbox Series X is worth it, and it delivers performance that can resemble that of the PS5 (regardless of the model).

To buy the new console, it’s here:

I buy the PS5

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