three French skiers killed in an avalanche

three French skiers killed in an avalanche


Three French skiers died on Thursday in an avalanche in Norway’s Lyngen, in the far north region of Troms, the country’s police said as a search continued for other possible victims.

“Doctors have established three deaths,” police in Troms County, known for its northern lights, said on Twitter. The three who died, in their 60s, were able to be pulled out of the snow by other members of a group they were skiing with, but were pronounced dead when the rescue helicopter arrived .

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An alert had been issued

According to several media, the victims were surprised by a snowslide on the Kavringtinden massif. Their six companions, who were able to help rescuers dig to get the bodies out of the snow, are unharmed.

An avalanche warning was issued in the region after several recent snowslides. On March 30, one person was killed and seven others were injured in two avalanches in Lyngen. And on Wednesday, two other people were surprised by an avalanche in the same area, without being injured.

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