Three tips for removing stubborn stains from seats

Three tips for removing stubborn stains from seats


It is common to have stains on your seats. But how to remove them effectively without damaging the leather or fabric?

We know that keeping a car in perfect condition is almost an impossible mission, unless you spend your time pampering it. This is all the more the case if you use it on a daily basis or if you have children. Sometimes, it happens that stains form on your seats, and that they are then well encrusted. If so, how do I remove them? Discover our advice.

Cleansing milk for leather

It is an unknown method but which has already proven its worth. All you need is some cleansing milk and a cloth microfiber. Apply the product to the stains, then clean everything with a slightly damp sponge to remove the excess. Then let it dry. You will see, all the dirt will be gone in the blink of an eye.

white vinegar

Known for its cleansing and disinfecting properties, the White vinegar is an essential to keep with you, in your home or car. Particularly effective, it will be a great help for cleaning your fabric seats and removing stubborn stains. Be careful to dissolve it well in a bucket of water, adding a little dishwashing liquid.

baking soda

Good for everything and essential at home, baking soda is the perfect ally for a car in good condition. Powerful cleaner and degreaser, this one can be used without worry on your seats cloth to remove stubborn stains. All you have to do is mix a cup of soda ash in a liter of water, then scrub and rinse!

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