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The Strategic Chiropractor is a consulting firm founded by Dr. Tom Necela to fill a void by teaching principles of the “business side” of chiropractic so that they can “work smarter, not harder” and enjoy better profitability, better income and a better life both in and out of practice.

In addition to consulting work, Dr. Necela is an author of multiple books for the chiropractic profession and a popular speaker that lectures nationally on strategies for Chiropractic Billing, Coding, Documentation, Compliance and Practice Transitions.

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How Chiropractic Reimbursements Will Be Affected by Medicare Sequestration

Chiropractic services are going to be affected by Medicare sequestration rates. This article will help you determine if reimbursements were paid properly.

Little Chiropractic Documentation Mistakes That Cause Big Problems (Part 1)

This article for chiropractors focuses on tips to improve your chiropractic documentation for better chiropractic compliance and avoiding audit trouble. The strategies are focus on easily fixable “small” things that often lead to big trouble if they are done incorrectly.

Simple Chiropractic Documentation Errors to Avoid

This article discusses simple tips for better chiropractic documentation. The focus is on making sure “little” things are not neglected so that big problems and chiropractic audits can be avoided.

How to Ensure Chiropractic Compliance With Medicare ABN’s

How chiropractors can avoid common mistakes and compliance problems when using the Medicare ABN. In this article, we cover both mandatory and voluntary uses of the ABN for patients.

How to Handle a Medicare Audit in Your Chiropractic Office

Beginning August 2010, Medicare carrier’s are stepping up the audit process for chiropractic services. Here are a few strategies you need to know to successfully handle a CERT audit from Medicare.

What to Do When Your Chiropractic Office Receives an Insurance Audit

Unfortunately, for many chiropractors, it’s no longer IF you receive an audit letter from a third party insurance payer (such as Medicare, Blue Cross, Aetna, etc) but WHEN you receive one! Despite the fear and anxiety that receiving an audit notice can bring, going into a complete panic will not help. Instead, here are a few tips for handling your chiropractic audit effectively, efficiently and successfully:

5 Common Chiropractic Coding & Billing Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone knows denials and documentation requests reduce the value of your chiropractic claim and frustrate your billing department. To get paid on time and in full, be sure you avoid the following common errors in your chiropractic coding and billing:

Boost Your Chiropractic Collections Despite Tough Times

It’s no secret that most third-party payers have become increasingly stingy (perhaps even stubborn?) with their reimbursements and that the economy has many patients strapped for cash. Yet, you certainly want to be paid for the good work that you do as chiropractors. To help maximize collections and minimize preventable errors, consider the following five steps.

How to Bill Chiropractic Diagnosis Codes For Medicare

Confused about which are the correct diagnosis codes to bill Medicare for chiropractic services? Are you getting denials from Medicare because of codes that have been submitted incorrectly? Billing for chiropractic services can be more complicated because of specific rules and incorrect billing will result in denied or delayed payments. Keep reading to learn how to make sure that you are billing Medicare correctly for your chiropractic claims.

How to Improve Your Chiropractic Collections at the Front Desk

For many chiropractors and their staff, asking for money from patients can be the most frustrating part of the job. However, without good systems in place for over the counter collections, your office will develop accounts receivable troubles over time. In this article, we will deal with both maximizing collections from the patients and some simple ways to reduce frustration for your chiropractic staff when doing so!

Making the Decision to Outsource Your Chiropractic Billing

Many chiropractors wonder about whether they should outsource their billing. These doctors are smartly recognizing that it is far too easy to get caught losing major dollars on inefficient billing practices that could be otherwise prevented. Outsourcing your billing department to a company (or individual) that provides undivided attention or focus or is paid only on what they collect may be a wise move toward increasing collections and decreasing money “lost in the shuffle. Outsourcing billing does present its own challenges and is not the option for everyone, but for the majority of practices, it makes good financial sense. Read on to find out why!

Reducing Chiropractic Billing Denials the Easy Way

Chiropractic billing denials are both a big headache and a major source of lost income. Learn how to reduce denials and successfully appeal your claims to improve your income!

What to Do When Your Chiropractic Exams Are Downcoded

Having trouble getting your chiropractic exams paid in full? Do insurance companies frequently downcode your billing? Learn how to get paid for what you do and why your claims are being reduced.

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