Top 15 electric cars that consume the least

Top 15 electric cars that consume the least


By driving an economical electric car, one can achieve considerable range even with a small battery. Here is a ranking of the lowest consumption!

What is the electric car the most economical? This question about the consumption electric vehicles generally receives less attention than the price Where autonomy for example.

Several factors affect consumption

Drivers of efficient electric cars often travel a similar distance to vehicles with larger batteries. What makes the difference is the cost of how much electricity needs to be charged.

There are many factors that determine whether an electric car is energy efficient or not. We can cite, among other things, the aerodynamics of the car, the weight or the management of the temperature of the batteries. These factors also have an impact on the measurement standardized WLTP, during which four road profiles with a total length of 23.25 kilometers are carried out during a 30 minute measurement cycle.

A standardized measure

The test temperature is then 23 degrees and of 14 degrees. The average and maximum speed as well as the acceleration are also defined. The electricity consumption of each model of vehicle is thus determined, then converted into kWh per 100 kilometers.

For daily consumption, it is then necessary to add values ​​such as the speed operated, the nature of the road, the gradient of the route, the outside temperature or the load.

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