Transphobic Content Has Been Removed From GTA 5 Remasters

GTA 5 transphobe


Rockstar has removed transphobic content from the recently released PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA 5 transphobic

Spotted by Reddit user JayProspero, the Captain Spacetoy action figure has been modified. Originally, he wore bright pink and had “interchangeable genitalia”; now it’s a completely different version of this figurine that is offered. Farewell, then, to the extremely caricatured “Drag Queen” style.


Additionally, Rockstar removed trans cartoons that would appear outside Cockatoos nightclub.

GTA GTANet fansite admin Kirsty Cloud spotted the change and shared it on Twitter. Caricatures, labeled “drag queens” in-game, have been disabled in the main game but still appear in director mode.

However, dialogue regarding the characters was removed, including the main characters’ transphobic lines.

The changes are partly due to a pressure campaign from Out Making Games – a group made up of LGBT+ members of the industry.

In September of last year, the band wrote an open letter to Rockstar specifically asking for certain content to be removed from the remasters, referencing an article by Kotaku writer Carolyn Petit.

We reject any claims of “equal opportunity violence” against all character types in GTA 5“, we read in the letter. ” This argument misses the point. Given the cultural impact of GTA 5 around the world, Rockstar has a social responsibility to your players (many of whom may be LGBTQ+), to your staff, and to the world at large not to promote violence against transgender people and of various kinds.

The group has reacted to these changes .

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a hugely popular game with millions of players worldwide and this change can have a huge impact on how those players view trans people.“, we read in the answer.

Thanks to everyone at Rockstar who prioritized this issue – we’re game developers ourselves and understand that even small changes like this take time and coordinated effort.

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