TV program. ”Disturbing Disappearance” with Julie Depardieu and Brigitte Lahaie, a fiction that is not always convincing

 TV program.  ''Disturbing Disappearance'' with Julie Depardieu and Brigitte Lahaie, a fiction that is not always convincing


On paper, the story has something to seduce: a determined former cop decides to go to the other side of the barrier by becoming an investigating judge and takes to heart the case of the disappearance of a young 25-year-old woman. But in fact, everything is not perfect for this new opus in the police series “Disappearance worrying”, broadcast this Wednesday April 13 from 9:10 p.m. on France 2.

In the cast, Julie Depardieu, who plays Léonore Etchegarray, a magistrate who enters the Dunkirk court after a brilliant career in the police. A little lost in this new position, not always very organized, she lacks self-confidence and has a tendency to overstep her duties. However, she still trusts her instincts, and especially concerning the disappearance of Lisa Ferrer, an executive in a laboratory in the North region, who disappeared after an eventful work meeting during which her director of human resources, Valérie Müller , played by Brigitte Lahaie, “rotten in front of the whole team” by “laughing in her face” during her presentation, making her the main suspect.

Old cop reflexes

Convinced that this is not a trivial case, the investigating judge will put Major Amar (Pierre Rochefort) on the spot… But these two are not going to start on a good basis: “A cop who becomes a judge, he’s not a cop. If we could deal with someone competent right away, that would save us time,” he told her when they first met. He is very annoyed to find himself with this “blue” who wants to prove herself.

However, they will still have to team up to unravel the mystery, especially as they learn that the HRD and the company’s CEO, Dario Benedetti (Daniel Russo), wanted to “get rid” of the missing woman by all means. means, and that they have things to reproach themselves with…

Performance not always convincing

If the plot manages to hold the viewer (a little) in suspense, the acting and the construction of the characters are not always up to par. Thus, the former host of RMC, Brigitte Lahaie, struggles to convince in the role of this cold woman, tough with others and especially herself, when she has been shaken by the trials of life. As for his behavior towards this Lisa Ferrer, he has everything of a somewhat “reactive” woman who refuses to hear about sexual harassment, something to echo (awkwardly) to the controversial remarks of the former porn actress on the #metoo movement.

Roland Menou brings a bit of cheerfulness to the program

As for the role played by Julie Depardieu, it suffers from a lack of credibility. And if his clumsy side can amuse at first, he ends up annoying because of a flagrant lack of professionalism.

Only the court clerk, Gilbert (Roland Menou), brings a bit of freshness to the fiction, with his quirky humour, his facial expressions, his attempts to put Judge Etchegarray back on the right track, his passion for classical music… and his appetite for dating apps. Very involved in his work, he is annoyed by the inability of his manager to stick to his role, enough to amuse the viewer with his reactions.

“Disappearing worrying: under pressure” is broadcast this Wednesday, April 13 from 9:10 p.m. on France 2. This new opus in the series launched in 2019 this time highlights Julie Depardieu as a former police officer who has become an investigating judge who seeks to make her evidence and Brigitte Lahaie as a somewhat tyrannical human resources manager. This 90-minute episode is again directed by Arnauld Mercadier.

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