Tyr WoW Dragonflight: what is his lore and his link with the next expansion? – Breakflip

 Tyr WoW Dragonflight: what is his lore and his link with the next expansion?  - Breakflip


During the intro cutscene for the new Dragonflight expansion, Alexstrasza mentions Tyr. Who is he and what is his connection to the dragons?

Blizzard revealed this week the name of the next expansion: Dragonflight. The announcement kinematics allows to place the framework of the extension but also several questions, in particular about mysterious characters.

Who is this Tyr whose name appears in the cutscene?

What is the lore of Tyr before World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

To talk about Tyr, you have to go very far, very far back in the history of Warcraft. The Titansthese cosmic beings seeking to order the universe, then found Azeroth, a planet at the heart of which one of their own is slowly awakening. However, the power of the Titans poses a danger to Azeroth.

By fighting on the planet, they would destroy it in the process. The Titans then decided to create beings in their image, the Forged so that they fight in their place without damaging Azeroth. Nine of them were elected to receive a greater share of power, including the famous Tire.

Tyr was particularly known for his courage, his compassion, his sense of justice and personal sacrifice.. After thousands of years of service, he died during the betrayal of one of his brothers killing a major general of the armies of the void, Zakajz and wounding a second named Kith’ix.

The remains of Tyr’s hand after the clash leading to his death

What is Tyr’s connection to the Dragons in World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

But why would Tyr be linked with dragons? This one forged by the Titans is the one that has seen them the most. Faced with the growing threat what was Galakronda gigantic proto-drake, Tyr decided to cooperate with five proto-drakes (future aspects) to help them defeat this threat. He will sacrifice his hand in the process, later replacing it with a Silver Hand.

This covenant between Tire and the dragons prompted Tyr to ask his siblings to share their powers with five of them thus creating the five aspects. He is the one who believed the most in the potential of dragons, going so far as to fight and bleed alongside them. As shown in the Dragonflight cutscene, he helped them establish themselves on an island, building a compound in his name and bringing some of his minions there.

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