United States. NYC subway shooting suspect arrested

 United States.  NYC subway shooting suspect arrested


The man suspected of shooting in the New York subway on Tuesday morning during rush hour, doing 23 wounded, 10 deadwas arrested on Wednesday, several US media reported, citing law enforcement sources.

According to NBC New York, the suspect was arrested in Manhattan. New York City Police have announced an impending media briefing.

A $ 50 000 reward

“We will continue to tighten the trap around him and stop him”, promised in the morning the Democratic mayor of New York, Eric Adams, expected at the turn on the theme of the fight against crime, he who had made it a campaign theme to be elected last year.

The police had been looking for more than 24 hours for Frank James, a 62-year-old African American, accused of having repeatedly fired on an N line train at the 36th street station in the south of Brooklyn.

On Wednesday, New Yorkers received an “urgent” message on their phones asking them to deliver any useful information to investigators. A $50,000 reward had been put on the table.

The active man on YouTube

The man had a YouTube page, called “prophetoftruth88” (prophet of truth) deleted Wednesday morning for “violation of community rules” of the site. He posted multiple videos there where we see him launching long tirades, sometimes rambling and vehement, in which he evokes racial issues, insecurity in New York, especially on the subway, and attacks homosexual people, or new mayor Eric Adams.

As the hunt for the shooter, described as “dangerous” the day before, continued, millions of New Yorkers took to the subway, one of the largest networks in the world, to go to work, some posting selfies on the social networks to show that life was getting back to normal.

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