Unusual. Gouda, Edam… A gang steals more than 1.5 tonnes of cheese in the Netherlands

 Unusual.  Gouda, Edam... A gang steals more than 1.5 tonnes of cheese in the Netherlands


Gouda, Edam, Leerdam, Maasdam… A gang of cheese thieves raged in the Netherlands and more specifically on a dairy farm in Fijnaart, in the south-west of the country: these bandits stole during the last week of March more than 1.5 tons of products, worth around 21,000 euros.

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French-language media Ulyces (which reports information from Dutch News) observes that cheese theft remains relatively easy and reminds manufacturers that they must protect their production.

A “well-organized crime”

The president of the Association of Farm Dairy Preparers, Theo Dekker, speaks to the Dutch media of a “well-organized crime”.

According to him, the criminals “have already explored the farm store a few days before in order to know exactly what to pack”, adding that “they are not afraid to enter a cheese farm by force. In no time, they fill up their truck and leave”.

Then the loot is resold to the United States, Eastern Europe and even Russia. Cheese remains the most stolen food in the world, 4% of what is sold has even been stolen, according to a study by the Center for Retail Research, published a few years ago.

The food can be resold at a good price and can be stored easily and for a long time, which also explains the enthusiasm of thieves. So, advice to cheese makers: be vigilant and if possible equip your warehouses and shops with surveillance cameras.

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