Video: a monster truck arrives at Hoonigan!

Video: a monster truck arrives at Hoonigan!


American driver Ryan Anderson and his Son-uva Digger monster truck landed in Hoonigan’s yard. If you know them, you know that with a machine of 1,400 hp and more than 5 tonnes, there was some burnt rubber and a few figures.

This is not new, the guys at Hoonigan are a bit (even completely) crazy. They create spectacular carsmake clash madness vehicles in a duel and do not skimp on a few drifts occasionally. In short, they know how to live. And they even outdid themselves by inviting a monster truck into their parking lot! And we are not talking to you about a Converted Ladabut a machine of more than 1,000 hp and 5 tons!

Son-uva Digger

It’s Ryan Anderson and his monster truck Son-uva Digger who landed in the courtyard of Hoonigan’s. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous Monster Trucks on the circuit. Under the hood, or rather in the middle of these 5 tons of metal, there is a V8 that develops 1,400 hp! It may not break speed records, but it’s more than enough to impress those present and put on a show!

What mastery!

The American pilot does not do things halfway to impress. After a series of donuts and drifts in the parking lot, his engine explodes. The sign to go home? Not at all ! He replaces the block and goes for a ride! This time, he takes the opportunity to do some really huge jumps. There’s only one thing left for him to do, get on two wheels! The mastery of his gigantic vehicle is mind-blowing!

Check out the video of this monster truck at Hoonigan below:

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