what fuel aid for motorists?

what fuel aid for motorists?


In the aftermath of the first round of the presidential election, we are interested in the future fuel aid that Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen would like to put in place.

Fuel subsidies have multiplied since the beginning of the year in order to compensate for thefuel price inflation. The candidates had announced their roadmap in the face of these ever higher prices. The day after this first round, here are the aids fuel what do you want to put in place? Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in case of victory in the second round.

Emmanuel Macron: a new fuel check?

The outgoing President of the Republic has increased financial aid since the beginning of the year. Inflation check of €100 for more than 40 million French people, revaluation of the mileage scale for employees, discount of 18 cents on fuel prices. Aid, which was decided in a particularly tense context where energy prices were skyrocketing. Many see it as an electoral strategy. The President of the Republic, however, assures that he will maintain most of this aid.

As announced by the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Mairethe 18-cent discount on fuel prices will be maintained after the date of July 31. The mileage allowance scale could also be upgraded in the coming months.

Furthermore, the Ministry of the Economy is considering a new fuel check for big riders. This check would see the light of day this summer. It would only concern people who use their vehicle on a daily basis. In the event of re-election, the President of the Republic provides for expenditure of the order of 22 billion euros in favor of purchasing power.

Marine Le Pen: lower taxes as quickly as possible

For Marine Le Penthe main strategy to adopt in the face of rising fuel prices is to tackling taxes. The candidate of National Gathering considers that the measures introduced by the current government are too weak and do not allow real savings. She therefore suggests to lower as soon as possible the VAT on fuels from 20% to 5.5%.

In addition, the candidate of the National Rally wishes to eliminate the increases in the TICPE (domestic consumption tax on energy products). This increase was decided under the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron. These measures would allow, according to Marine Le Pen, to lower the price of the liter more than 40 cents. A measure that would cost at least 20 billion euros to the State.

In addition, Marine Le Pen would also be in favor of maintaining aid for the most modest households.

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