When Robomow designs a mower like no other!

When Robomow designs a mower like no other!


It’s a car that looks like a giant mower that Robomow had built. This extraordinary vehicle has a tubular chassis, a personalized windshield valued at more than 5,000 euros and a decent capacity, which can accommodate three people.

It’s one of the weirdest custom cars ever built. A vehicle designed specifically by a robotic lawn mower company, known as Robomow. The purpose of this creation was to reproduce a robotic lawnmower, produced by the brand.

Result of a collaboration between two companies

It is impossible not to be attracted by the unique design of this “vehicle”. Because indeed, it is indeed a vehicle, which can accommodate up to 3 people, including the driver. For Robomow, all this fuss around the car will only have had positive impacts on their sales.

That said, the vehicle would not have seen the light of day without the intervention of Cumfy Banana Ltd. This last is a company specializing in the creation of special vehicles. Home, office, sofa… the company can transform any everyday object into a motor vehicle. Is it legal? Yes, Cumfy Banana Ltd. creates vehicles that meet the standards of legislation.

From €3,500you can order a personalized (and exclusive) vehicle.

Lawnmower or heavy duty?

According to Edd Chinathe “giant mower” would be equipped with a 3.5L Rover V8 engine. To move the machine forward, the motor is accompanied by a 4-speed transmissionidentical to that of a Volkswagen Type 2. The rest of the vehicle has been fully customized and modified to accommodate the bodywork. Note that the latter is made of fiberglass.

How much does such a project cost? Expenses related to its implementation were not disclosed. That said, the windshield, on its own, would cost more than €5,000. Like what, nothing can prevent a true mower enthusiast from ordering the vehicle of his dreams.

Incredible, isn’t it? Check out this vehicle in the video below:

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