Which are the countries where driving is the most stressful?

Which are the countries where driving is the most stressful?


If in general, it is always pleasant to drive, in some countries, it can very quickly turn into a chore and cause stress for drivers.

According to one study conducted by the site confusedin a total of 49 countries, there are some destinations where it would be particularly stressful to drive. The specialists then took into consideration various factors which, according to them, have an impact on driving stress.

In order to make this classification, confused ranked the countries according to the number of speed cameras on the roadsof the infrastructure qualityof number of fatal accidents and finally, of number of cars. This then gives a score out of 100. Note that courtesy or respect for the highway code are not taken into account in this ranking.

The United Arab Emirates: the most stressful country

For once, finishing in the lead is not synonymous with victory. The country that tops this ranking, with a score of 88/100are the United Arab Emirates. There, the stress is constant. If the infrastructures are of good quality, the quantity of radars (one every 1.45 km) and the number of fatal accidents (2,724 per 100,000 inhabitants) do not allow motorists to be relaxed.

Just behind the Emirates, are in the top 5 of the most stressful countries, the Bulgaria with a mark of 80/100, then the Turkey with 78/100. L’Italy as well as’hong kongthey are tied with the score of 76/100.

The rather soothing French roads

Contrary to what one might think, it’s good to drive in France. France ranks 35th. If the number of speed cameras is significant in Franceone every 293.7 km according to confused, the quality of infrastructure which obtains the score of 73.9/100. Add to that the low mortality rate, 3.9 per 100,000 inhabitants, and France reaches an overall score of 43/100, below the average.

It is finally at Denmark with a score of 27/100, tied with Finland, that daily driving is the least stressful. Indeed, the country has few radars, one every 3,727 km. And a very important point, there are very few fatal accidents: 2.66 per 100,000 inhabitants… That is 1,000 times less than in the Emirates.

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