Why are tires getting more expensive?

Why are tires getting more expensive?


High manufacturing and transportation costs as well as material shortages are driving up tire manufacturer prices!

Those who wish to pass on new tires summer this spring will have to put their hands in the wallet. Indeed, because of high manufacturing and transport costsfrom material bottlenecks and of the war in Ukrainethe prices posted by the manufacturers are climbing.

Prices rising for months

Tire manufacturers have already successively increased their prices in recent months due to the sharp rise in the costs of raw materials, energy and transport, explains Michael Schwämmlein, the technical director of the German Tire Trade Federation. . ” Difficulties in the supply of certain raw materials, such as carbon black or synthetic rubbers, further aggravated the supply situation“.

Customers will therefore directly feel the effects because distributors will have to mechanically adapt their prices.

An increase of more than 15%

An evaluation of the Alzura Tyre24 platform showed that the purchase prices of tire distributors and car garages have increased by an average of 15% in February and March compared to the same period of the previous year. Already last year, prices increased by an average of around 6.5%.

However, the rise in prices is currently coming up against rather falling demand. While it’s still early in the tire changing season, early numbers indicate reluctance to buy, Schwämmlein counters.

Source: Automobilwoche

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