Why You Need to Update Your Chrome Browser Quickly

Why You Need to Update Your Chrome Browser Quickly


A new patch has been deployed by Google for its Chrome browser.

Google Chrome users should update their browser soon. The Mountain View firm has just deployed an emergency patch on Windows, Mac and Linux. This is the third emergency patch since the beginning of the year. As a reminder, in 2021, the Chrome browser had to receive no less than thirteen patches.

The JavaScript engine targeted

A new vulnerability has been discovered in Google Chrome. Unsurprisingly, it is being exploited for malicious purposes, and so a new patch has been rolled out. To take advantage of it, just update the web browser.

The flaw is called CVE-2022-1364, a vulnerability that Google has confirmed is already being exploited by attackers. Through it, hackers can arbitrarily execute code without the knowledge of its victims. And this, from a type confusion in the JavaScript engine V8 of the software. Simply put, this means the flaw impacts the JavaScript engine used by Chromium-powered browsers, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and others. Only Chrome apps for Windows, macOS and Linux are affected.

Chrome, target number 1

Attention, it is not because the Google Chrome browser multiplies patch deployments that it is necessarily more vulnerable than other browsers.

You should know that Chrome is the most popular browser, it has 3.2 billion users. Thus, it is a target of choice for cybercriminals and therefore, it must protect itself more. Regarding this last flaw, the Mountain View firm did not give more details about it. Indeed, Google prefers to wait until a majority of its users have updated their browser to communicate on it.

Update Chromium

To update Google Chrome, click on the three small dots menu at the top right of the browser, then on “Help”. A drop-down menu will then appear, just go to the “About Chrome” category.

The version that should be displayed is “100.0.4896.127”. If not, then you need to update your browser.

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