WoW Dragonflight: Discovery of the Evocative Dracthyr, the new race/class combo

WoW Dragonflight: Discovery of the Evocative Dracthyr, the new race/class combo


The Dracthyrs are the only new races offered by the extension Dragonflight of World of Warcraft. It is a breed Neutral having the possibility of choosing to join theAlliance or the Horde at the start of his adventure.

Race/Class Compatibility

The Dracthyr has the particularity of being able to embody only one and only one class also introduced by the Dragonflight extension: the Evocator. It is the only race to be able to embody this class which is also totally exclusive to it!

The Evoker wears Mail armor and has two unique specializations:

  • Devastation: Ranged DPS
  • Preservation: Healer

Dracthyr Racial Skills

The Dracthyr’s racial skills are unknown at this time.

Appearance of the Dracthyr

Dracthyrs have a unique appearance halfway between Blood Elf and Human. In addition to this amazing feature, they also have a draconian form that they can harness to take flight and unleash the full power of their Evoker powers.

The Dracthyrs are the first race to benefit from a new technology allowing them to interchange two hair color options, allowing players to create unique and endless combinations. In addition to this, they also have horns and ornamental objects similar to those available to the Aspects, Alexstrasza for example, customizable according to the lives of each.

Female Dracthyr: Humanoid Form

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Dracthyr Male: Humanoid form

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Dracthyr: Draconian Form

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Animations of the Dracthyr

The Dragonflight expansion announcement on April 19, 2022 gave us a video preview of some of the animations the Dracthyrs have when in their Draconian form. It’s a total of nearly one minute of entertainment that we offer!


Dragonflight, the ninth expansion for World of Warcraft, was finally announced in the early evening of Tuesday, April 19, 2022! Version 10.0 of WoW should bring a large number of promising new features for players concerning equipment, PvP or even a new class…

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