WoW Dragonflight: The extension takes off with a hot trailer

WoW Dragonflight: The extension takes off with a hot trailer


Dragonflight is the ninth expansion of World of Warcraft and developed by Blizzard. This new additional WoW disc takes place on the Dragon Islands. After the Jailer is defeated and the conflict in the underworld of the Shadowlands is resolved, the heroes return to Azeroth. But an ancient threat, the Scourge, resurfaces in the lands north of the Eastern Kingdoms, while the dragonflights emerge from their long torpor to fight against an ancient Evil…

Official preview of Dragonflight by Blizzard

After a time marked by doom on Azeroth, long-forgotten forces are awakening on the mythical Dragon Isles, the ancestral home of the dragonflights. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the ninth expansion to Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed massively multiplayer role-playing game, immerses players in the heart of this legendary land and ushers in a new era of thrilling adventures.

As long-dormant forces begin to manifest in their hallowed ground, the dragons of Azeroth, at times allies and at times enemies of the mortal races, call on the heroes and heroines of the Alliance and Horde to aid them in to fight the perils that lie ahead and to face the mysteries that have arisen from the past.

Dragon Islands Concept Art - World of Warcraft
Dragon Islands Concept Art

New in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

  • DISCOVER THE DRAGON ISLANDS: Access the new maximum level set at 70 and explore the wonders and ancestral secrets of the Dragon Islands through four new areas: the stormy shores of Awakening, the vast plains of Ohn’ahra, the austere Azure span and the ancient and majestic Thaldraszus.
  • NEW RACE AND CLASS COMBINATION: Threaten your foes or empower your allies as the Dracthyr Evocator, World of Warcraft’s first-ever race and class combination. Adopt a humanoid or draconic appearance, choose the Alliance or the Horde and embark on the adventure. Harness the power of dragons to focus on healing (Preservation specialization) or focus on ranged attacks (Havoc specialization).
  • TRAVEL THE SKIES: Dragonriding, an all-new form of air travel, lets you ride a Dragon Isles drake, which you’ll befriend as you level up in each of the four new zones . Customize the appearance of your drakes throughout your adventure, and unlock new abilities that will allow them to fly further and faster.
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder - World of Warcraft
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder

  • NEW TALENT SYSTEM: thanks to this complete overhaul, you will be able to make original and interesting talent choices, whatever your level, without losing efficiency.
  • PROFESSION SYSTEM UPDATES: Craft aficionados, this is for you! Discover player-defined commands, new gear for professions, an all-new specialization system, and more to help you make a name for yourself across the realm!
  • NEW INTERFACE: expect a fully updated and customizable heads-up display (HUD), thought for modern setups and designed to be efficient, attractive and accessible.
Roharts, one of the races present on the Dragon Islands - World of Warcraft
Roharts, one of the races present on the Dragon Islands

Important new features in Dragonflight

If there is one essential element that many players are eagerly awaiting, it is the addition of new features and the modification of certain gameplay elements in order to “restore the image of WoW” with a certain part of the community. community. Fortunately, Blizzard seems to have heard this call and is offering serious updates to some widely requested elements.

First, the talent system has been completely reworked. Largely inspired by the Classic versions of the game, the new talent tree offers a large number of powers that players will be able to select at the rate of one new talent point per level, for a total of 70. Each player will thus have the choice of placing their 70 points in one of the two talent trees available for each specialization: one dedicated to all specializations of the same class, the other to the specialization he has chosen. They will therefore be able to choose to specialize very precisely according to the sequence they encounter at a given time by promoting the skills at the heart of their class, or else to strengthen their knowledge in the specialization they have chosen.

The other major point is the major overhaul of professions. We don’t know much about it so far, but Blizzard seems to have realized the serious lack of interest in most professions available in World of Warcraft. Craftsmen will now be able to specialize, probably like the skills of Master Ax or Armorsmith which were for example available in the first versions of the game and which allowed a Blacksmith to create different weapons or armor ( and more powerful) depending on the chosen specialization. Having a job should once again have a real impact in the game!

Overall, Dragonflight seems to be turning the page on the previous arc and offering major advances on the most controversial points in WoW for a handful of years now while continuing its momentum in terms of graphic quality and new and ever more attractive territories to explore. to explore.


With the announcement of the Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft, a new class that also serves as a new race has been announced: the Dracthyr Evoker. We had an exclusive first glimpse of it in images and video that we invite you to discover.

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